Business Areas

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  • TEL : 82+55-339-2880
  • FAX : 82+55-339-2881

Business Areas

Business Areas

We are ready to show that products of excellent quality are only made by securing years of experience and having a strong sense of responsibility.
Highest quality is our pride and life. We will deliver greatest products to our customers.

LNG plants

Tanks, chemical plants, various SUS structures

Industrial equipment

Industrial machineries, food equipment, filter housing, SUS, pipes


Buffing, polishing, gloss work

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Company Name : Acetechnics Co., Ltd. CEO : Jaehoo Im Business registration number : 609-81-38414
Adress : 41-23, Gomo-ro 341beon-gil, Jinrye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam TEL : 82+55-339-2880 FAX : 82+55-339-2881 E-Mail :

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