CEO Greetings

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  • TEL : 82+55-339-2880
  • FAX : 82+55-339-2881

CEO Greetings

Leader of buffing & passivation!

Welcome and thank you for visiting

ACETECHNICS manufactures the best products in the industry based on its technologies and know-how developed over many years.

In particular, our company specializes in manufacturing, buffing, and acid cleaning LNG plants, tanks, chemical plants, SUS structures, industrial machineries, food equipment, filter housing, SUS, and pipes.

ACETECHNICS will work together with its customers and strive for thorough quality control to make products of perfect quality.

Thank you.

Executives and employees of ACETECHNICS

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Company Name : Acetechnics Co., Ltd. CEO : Jaehoo Im Business registration number : 609-81-38414
Adress : 41-23, Gomo-ro 341beon-gil, Jinrye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam TEL : 82+55-339-2880 FAX : 82+55-339-2881 E-Mail :

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